Vitamin C Boost Soap Bar 🍊


Our exfoliating yet gentle Vitamin C Boost soap bar will have your body refreshed , smooth & smelling like oranges 🍊 handmade with organic orange zest/peels, marigold petals & goatsmilk to be the perfect combination ✨

Boost your skin with a refreshing burst of vitamin C & wake you up every morning the right way🍊

This soap bar is made with organic goats milk soap, Brazilian orange essential oil, orange zest/peels & organic marigold petals to gently exfoliate your skin leaving it silky soft + smell/feel fresh.

reducing those imperfections, dry skin & dark pigment skin. Also leave your body and mind feeling refreshed with the aromas & ingredients infused 🌱
-use daily for best results

Key ingredients: Goatsmilk soap, vitamin c, Brazilian orange essential oil, marigold petals & citric acid