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WELCOMING Dez Beauty’s FIRST FACIAL TONER ❗️❕❗️ This is big for all our skin care geeks out there who love toners & can’t get enough of them❤️ Or if you just love healthy glowing skin this toner is just for you

Benefits of Dez Beauty’s Rosè Glow Toner:
•Balances pH levels on the skin caused from toxins /pollution/ chemicals
•Reduces Acne & Redness on face
• Provides a Youthful Glow after one use!

Directions: apply with hands or cotton pad / ball all around face each morning & night. For fast results
Use daily / nightly. Do not leave In direct sunlight or hot/dark spaces.
Note: rose petals are infused & removed now after every batch ( so it is just rose water ) no rose petals will be in container starting nov 2020

Ingredients- Distilled water, organic roses, organic Rose Otto essential oil, lavender & citric acid