Island Tranquility Body Scrub & Oil

$16.16 - $32.32

If you love to travel and tan this body oil is just full of vacation. Our vegan/organic body oil will leave your skin feeling soft, looking healthy/vibrant & smelling so good ✨

🌿Island Tranquility is a special blend made by dez beauty.

This body oil is infused with
-Real Green Extract for natural "antioxidants" to help fight aging,

- Lemongrass Essential oil to detoxify the skin & remove impurities.

Lastly infused with Vanilla for a hint of sweet comfort ✨


Body scrub is infused with organic cane sugar & our unique Island Tranquility blend of oils & extracts🌿 this body scrub is a perfect pair with the oil ✨


Ingredients: Organic Sunflower oil, Vegan coconut oil, Organic green tea extract, Organic lemongrass essential oil & Vegan vanilla ( natural pigment for color / sparkle )