GOOD TIMES Aromatherapy Crystal Rollers

Coming soon $11.11

•May Suppress Appetite. For those looking to suppress an overactive appetite, research indicates that grapefruit oil aromatherapy might be useful.
•Helps Balance Mood
•Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Effects.
•Reduces Stress and Lower Blood Pressure.
• Promotes a feeling of happiness and warmth when used in aromatherapy.
• Helps to eliminate toxins from the body.
•fights exhaustion
•helps with depression
•kills harmful viruses and bacteria
• May Improve Brain Function.

✨Crystal Options Include✨
-Red Jasper
-Rose Quartz
-Clear Quartz

These aromatherapy crystal rollers have ACTUAL CRYSTAL BALLS for the roller 🙏🏽

This blend is called the “Good Times” and is Infused with Grapefruit, Lemon, Rosemary & Sweet Orange organic essential oils plus real marigold petals & crystals to benefit you spiritually ✨ Take a deep inhale or rub this on all the pressure point spots to let go of any unwanted people/emotions, any kind of blockage ( within the mind), to balance your mood & promote happiness

Ingredients: Safflower oil, vitamin E oil, Rosehip seed oil, coconut oil, grapefruit essential oil,sweet orange essential oil, lemon & rosemary essential oil & marigold petals. Plus crystal chips 💕