This clean combo kit is perfect for all the fellas who want to shave while keeping it clean & clear + to get OR keep that healthy lookin beard🙌🏽

Combo includes:
•Butter Cutz shaving crème
•Hemp Beard Oil ( NEW )
•Pro’Hydro After Shave ( NEW )

The butter cutz shaving crème helps soothe/soften skin & reduce razor bumps.
Secondly, the hemp beard oil helps give you that fuller, thicker, shiner & more conditioned beard. Lastly the after shave helps heal burns/acne/scars, tighten the skin & reduces razors bumps/marks. The after shave can also be used as a facial toner to tighten & clear the skin.

Directions: For the Pro’hydro after shave just use your hands or a cotton pad/ball on shaved areas/face. The Hemp beard oil only takes 3-8 drops for the entire beard depending on the size & massage into beard hair. Lastly the Butter Cutz Shaving Crème has directions on the label.

Ingredients are located for each separate item online...